Happy New Year Everyone!
First of all, we would like to apologize for the inactivity of the GM Team. Unfortunately, we are a small team and everyone could not take over during the holidays due to each and one of us having real life commitments. Definitely, we are not the only ones with the same sentiments so we would like to assume most of you will would understand.
Moving forward, let us talk about the server. Undoubtedly, server population has dwindled significantly over the past few weeks due to a lot of reasons. We have summed up most of the players complaints so far and came up with the biggest contributing factors based on it:
  1. Players who play in groups have a big advantage over solo players.
  2. Relic upgrading rate is too low.
  3. Killing dodgers is too hard and relies too much on team effort.
  4. Grinding difficulty.
As we welcome year 2020, we would like to rebuild a better RF Tilt for everyone so that new and old players will start to come and play again. As to what you can expect, we will do our best to fix these issues and come up with the best possible solutions. Given that, we would like to ask for everyones patience as we prepare for some major changes for the server. We cannot give a definite time yet on when this would all be rolled-out but we will surely let you know as soon as we can. For a closing remark, we would like to assure you that there will be no wipe nor will the server close. Thank you!
- RF Tilt GM Team 
All items in our donation list will have a 30% discount starting today until January 5th. However, this excludes some services such as race transfer and item change. It wil remain the same.

Enjoy the holidays everyone.
1. Updates/Changes/Fixes:

- Lvl cap increased to Lv 55.
- Ether/Biolab map unlocked.
- CPT reset to all characters.
- Current councils removed.
- Ether TP and T6 Gem Coupon included in cash shop.
- Removed exp gain from certain mobs in VC, Ether, Armory 117, Anaacade and Numerous Stockade.
New Lv 50-55 PL mobs set to Ether: Passer Beta, Assasin Builder B.  
- Dual Hitter, Valkyrie and Chimera ammo reverted back to their original ammo.
- Sette Dessert and VC Daily Quest rewards improved (Ore Fragments and BD Fragments included).
- Additional Biolabs Daily Quest added (continues after VC quest):

Kill 25 Reaper
Kill 50 Reaper Junior
Reward: x1 Solarite, x1 Rental Card

New weapon and armor rental system (1 weapon + HUL) implemented to fast track better PvP experience for new players:
Rental gears (48 hours) can be claimed by combining a "Rental Card" along with "3 pcs Sack of Gold" through the HERO NPC. The "Rental Card" is obtained by completing all three parts of the daily quest as reward (Sette,VC,Biolabs). Daily Quest can be started by talking to the NPC located in the middle of Sette Dessert.

2. New custom combinations for "Rental and Iceborn Gear":

- Rental Gear Set (Weapon + HUL):
= x1 Rental Card
= x3 Sack of Gold

- Iceborn Armor/Shield/JP:
= Tilt Armor/Shield/JP
= x15 Rime Heart
= x15 Burglas Talisman
= x15 Frost Orb
= x15 Sack of Gold

- Iceborn PvP Weapon:
= Tilt Weapon
= x15 Azul Crux
= x15 Ether Quartz
= x15 Solarite
= x15 Nuclear Nugget

- Iceborn Death Wing (Throwing Knife):
= +5 Intense Hora Throwing Knife
= x1 Enhancement Stone
= x15 Azul Crux
= x15 Ether Quartz
= x15 Nuclear Nugger

- Rime Heart = x5 stacks Cold Blood
- Frost Orb = x5 stacks Ice Shard
- Burglass Talisman = x5 stacks Cobalt
- Nuclear Nugget = x5 stacks Bio-Chemical Alloy

3. Ether/Biolab Loot List (Mobs):

Calliana Atroc = Cold Blood
Calliana Cure  = Ice Shard
Calliana Archer = Cobalt

Assasin Builder B = Cash Capsule +50
Passer Beta = PvP Capsule +30
King Mutant Walker = Cold Blood (higher drop rate)
Mutant Walker = Ice Shard (higher drop rate)
Rage Claw = Cobalt (higher drop rate)

Black Sign Artilery = Bio-Chemical Alloy
Black Sign Executioner = Bio-Chemical Alloy
Black Sign Commander = Bio-Chemical Alloy

Pit Boss:
Calianna Princess (36 hours) = Rime Heart, Burglass Talisman, Frost Orb
Izen (60 hours) = Ether Quartz + T6 Gem Coupon
Thor (60 hours) = Azul Crux + T6 Gem Coupon