Welcome to the humble beginnings of RF Tilt!

For the longest time, it has always been a challenge for most servers to give players an exciting PvP experience right off the bat and to stay alive in the long run. That's because they tend to give out everything right away as they think it is the only way for players to enjoy quality PvP. The truth is, players lose motivation being active once they attain the end game gears that the server has to offer. At that point, without further updates, server activity will purely depend on GMs hosting events and players looking for PvP. If there's none, players will start going AFK more often or worse, look for PvP elsewhere. This trend has been going on for the last few years with different RF servers. Can you relate? So can we!

RF Tilt, believes that genuine PvP comes from NEED. The need to defend that farm spot for resources, the need to kill the pit boss that spawned for rare items, the need to win chip war so that your race could mine and get rewarded for it. The need to unite and settle disagreements later on within your race inorder to put up a good fight against the others. These are the reasons why players fight a losing or an uphill battle. It gives drama and bitterness to the race that decided to abort and let go of the objective. These are the elements that give meaning to RF PvP! Without these needs, PvP is empty. Players will afk after getting wiped once or twice. They will easily give up the moment they realize that they're outnumbered without giving it their best shot. There's no reason to try hard, they've got nothing to lose anyway.

RF Tilt is an attempt to incorporate the best of both worlds. A server that has the NEED but also a server that hopes to give you quality PvP that you can enjoy without having to spend days of grinding in order to put up a good fight. We know for sure that we're not exactly there yet. That's why we are very thrilled to have you visiting our website. We hope you'll join us and invite your friends to play as well because we believe that community feedback and player suggestions are very important into making RF Tilt the best server that it can be.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a try! Download now and see you in game!

Have you ever farmed a mob and kept on getting loots that you didn't need? Or maybe felt like wasting your time while waiting for the next monster respawn so you had to alt-tab out of the game for a while. How about arguing with a player of the same race just for a farm spot? At some point, almost everyone had these moments in RF. We thought that it didn't have to be that way and simplified how grinding works in the game. After all, gone are the days that we had a whole day ahead of us to farm. We all have other responsibilities now. Hence, we would like to make every minute that you spend grinding in the server count. We hope you'll like it!

As a server, RF Tilt wishes to be a part of everyone's journey on becoming a better RF player. We want to emphasize how switching could greatly improve your chance of surviving the enemy's spike and also how important it is to properly debuff the enemy target to secure a kill. To do that, we made sure that all classes are left in a very vulnerable state when not wearing defensive gears. Rangers/Ranger x Mages will find it hard to dodge without a Leon's Bow and Pure Mages will definitely need that HP and Block Rate boost from Leon's Knife to help mitigate incoming damage. At the same time, we also wanted everyone to learn when is the right time to use AOEs instead of single targeted skills to drop a target and how crucial it is to properly switch from grace, darkness or favor gloves depending on what the situation demands. We hope everyone will welcome the extra challenge!

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